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Experience by Sharvari Manakawad

Hear what the biker prodigy, Sharvari Manakawad, has to say about her MOTUL experience!

Experience from bike enthusiast

Hear what some of the bike enthusiasts have to say about their MOTUL experience!

Experience from bike enthusiast

Hear what our bike enthusiast has to say about his Motul experience!


Raghunath N.

I have used it on my 2008 Swift and there is a marked improvement in the overall performance. The engine feels peppier and smooth. Overall satisfied with the product. Please be sure to flush your engine before changing the engine oil.

Harsh Rakhra

Brilliant product as expected from Motul. A Good blood for Fiat’s Multijet Diesel.

Ajay Jayakumar

Very nice product.. Suitable for my FZ S.
Fuel economy and power of bike is improved. Better performance improvement in the engine.. Smoothness increased..
Sharp delivery by Amazon


Undoubtedly one of the best engine oil out there. Immediate change in performance is notable. The gearshifts are smoother, engine noise is considerably less even in high RPMs


Motul 7100,10W40 is seriously working great on my ride ( #RTR160).Did the oil change along with oil filter replacement. I can feel the ride more smoother now and vibrations at low rpm are reduced Little bit. Only problem is i got a old stock ,but still it doesn’t affect the performance. overall i’m satisfied with this. as shell oil is becoming costlier i recommend this Motul 7100 oil for all and especially for RTR owners.

N. Gilbert

Great piece of kit for any biker. It manages to clean any bug and tar marks left on a helmet after a long day’s ride. Would easily recommend this to anyone.

Milan Tomy

It’s Motul  guys! Buy with confidence and trust. Using it on my CBR.
Provides perfect braking under extreme conditions with less possibility of locking.

Jinu M Nair

Quality chain lube and brush ,value for money, lube your bike chain every 500km run,which helps for better chain life and good mileage.i buy both for 399rs