Why should old be gold when it can be priceless!

Bombay woke up to a blast from the past at the Vintage Car Rally which kicked off at Horniman Circle & greeted city-dwellers on its route till BKC.
  • Here are 5 things you’ve got to see that happened at the Vintage Car Rally –

    1) Motul brought some sights & sounds to add a nostalgic feeling in the the wee hours of Sunday

  • 2) The Motul Management got the royal treatment as they took the front seat during the rally!

  • 3) Class never gets gold, even though it was built in 1903!

  • 4) With the break-neck competition at the rally, the winners were all smiles!

  • 5) We engineered a way to keep your timeless classic running like a dream with Motul’s Classic Range!

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