The Best of India Superbike Festival 2017

6th edition of the 2-day event India Superbike Festival went live on the 16th evening of December. With superbikes ranging from Suzuki, Ducati, Harley Davidson, Triumph, Honda, Norton, etc. the event was no less than a dream for the bike enthusiasts. The long anticipated event had something in store for everyone and here’s what you all missed out in case you decided to sleep in this weekend.
  • 1. Sharwari Manakawad @motulindia

    A prodigy who’s feared by her contemporary bikers, men and women alike, made sure no one walked off without giving her a second glance. With her Ducati Scrambler parked at the Motul Zone for anyone and everyone to pose with, she interacted with the crowd and had her own little fun by having small contests and giving away Motul Chain Lube, and Helmet & Visor Clean. And oh! She also took over the Motul Instagram handle and goofed around by uploading her #MotulExperience. Look out for this feisty one on the roads! Follow her on Instagram @missmanakawad
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  • 2. The Hill

    This hill made entirely of jeans was quite an attraction for the footfalls that came in for the event. Aptly placed dang in the middle of the ground, the hill screamed #DontHoldBack and kept everyone psyched and pumped for this adrenaline fueled event.

  • 3. Who you KIDdin’?

    You know when they say, “Age is just a number”? Well, that’s what left us all flabbergasted when we found this youngest one on his two-stroke bike from the lot of grown men on their four stroke. On another note, Motul is the only brand that produces the lubricant, the 2T 800V for bikes of this kind. And hence, Sarthak buys his Motul 2T 800V in a bulk! 100 points to #MotulExperience!
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  • 4. For the lovers of Old School

    For those who love to sit on their rocking chair, sip on their single malt and relay the stories of the golden past, or even those who find aesthetic in everything old and classic, ISF didn’t fail to give us the pleasure of seeing some of the vintage beauties dating back to 1938.

  • 5. Rock On!

    To accompany all the revving and roaring, there was also an insane lineup of artists and band performances to move our bodies to. MH43 performing to the classic Bollywood in their unique way (imagine head-banging to Tadap Tadap ke) for sure got us swaying to their beats.

  • 6. The Rare Deal

    The only Ducati Monster 1100S in the country stopped by the Motul Zone. Now how could one miss that! Puneet, just like Sharvari, swears by Motul products and believes in the #Motul Experience. Need we say more?

  • 7. Beauty in Red

    You know what else stopped by the Motul Zone? The Honda Goldwing 40th Anniversary Edition! We are in love with the shape of it!!

  • 8. The Unconventional

    One thing, or rather one guy, who stood out was this biker with an insane helmet. We couldn’t help but love it.

  • 9. Devils Angels Riders Klub

    It got D.A.R.K at Motul Zone when the members of the famous superbiker group posed with the prodigy herself adding on to the #MotulExperience. Now if this doesn’t count as epic, we don’t know what does!

  • 10. Winners, Go Getters!

    Did we mention goodies and prizes? Apart from interactions and selfies, Motul India with Sharvari had ongoing little contests for fans to win Motul Chain Lube, and Helmet & Visor Clean. Think of all those superbikes that you have dreamt of owning or have wistfully passed by. And now imagine being surrounded by all those beasts and beauties. Do not miss out this event next year for the love of all that is power and performance. You know where to be- at the India Superbike Festival.

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